How Important is Voice and Diction in Acting , multiple professions as well your personal life

Express to Impress

A beautiful speaking voice enhances your ability to communicate with and influence others. Other people make unconscious decisions about whether to trust and believe you based on the strength and tone of your voice as well as how well how you pronounce.

Diction means clarity of speech. An actor with good diction speaks in a way where all their words are well pronounced. And your any speech or act will have an impact only if you can be clear and know which words to enhance.

Diction for Actor’d is obviously critical,  as its their professional compulsory skill. They cannot do any act impact-fully if their voice in not clear.

Diction Exercises | Building Voices

Tips to work on your voice and audition

  1. Join some Acting Class, with trainer, who will guide you to mouth exercises, work with language and pronunciation.
  2. It is easy to vastly improve diction just by focusing more on the exact movements of the tongue and mouth. Find a mirror, and speak aloud several sentences. Focus on the movements that your mouth makes when creating certain sounds. Try saying the same sentences while barely moving your mouth.
  3. Avoid skipping words. …
  4. Speak long phrases or full sentences. …
  5. Make sure you pronounce even small words like “a” and “the.” If, like most people, you normally pronounce the word “a” as “uh,” keep doing so. …
  6. Avoid running words together.
  7. Work with Tongue twisters
  8. Speak slowly. …
  9. Breath naturally. …
  10. Start slowly. …
  11. Practice public speaking. …
  12. Keep your eyes and ears open. …
  13. Articulate consonants.

And finally yes, Practice, practice, practice.

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