How to start your career as a comedian ?

एक कॉमेडियन के रूप में अपने करियर की शुरुआत कैसे करें?

Some people just know how to crack jokes. Anything and everything they say sounds funny and you really have a good belly laugh. Comedy is about being or saying things that make people laugh or roar with laughter.

“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke”, says Will Rogers


In today’s time, Comedy has become a lucrative career, across the world, and if you have that hilarious bone, you can surely become a successful comedian. From Stand-up to Mimicry, there are different styles of comedy.
From Low comedy to Satire, to slapstick and Farce, whatever is your style, if you are good at it , you can look for a serious career as a Comedian. As a Comedian, you can work in Films, TV Serials, Web-series, Anchors, Show hosts and more.

Identify your style of comedy, find your comedy zone, your expert knowledge, what are you comfortable talking about, if nothing you can think of, talk about any true experience or incident in your life, which you think was funny. Combine it with some punches and maybe current topics, so people can relate. if you are fresher, start narrating jokes and occurrences to your family and friends.
Start writing your ideas and content, of around 3 -5 minutes. Read it multiple times to refine it better, until you think it finally sounds good.

Comedy writing is actually not writing , its editing. It’s more about what you are not saying. How you can in minimum words get the funny bit.

“The first purpose of comedy is to make people laugh. Anything deeper is a bonus. Some comedians want to make people laugh and make them think about socially relevant issues, but comedy, by the very nature of the word, is to make people laugh. If people aren’t laughing, it’s not comedy. It’s as simple as that” Says Trevor Noah.
Once you have some content, start performing in ‘Open Mic’, in your city , with your content. After 4-5 times, you will know, if your content really works and can get the roaring laughter, You’ll learn how to improve. If you dont have Open Mic in your city. Try organizing a get together or Party with your friends or small comedy night in your area, and check out your comedy talent. If you can make the people laugh crazily , you’ve made it. It might not happen at the first time. Keep performing again and again till you achieve your goal.
Now is time to experiment with bigger audience, how they like you? Record your video and upload it on Face book or YouTube, share it with people. If you get positive response increase the duration of your content and keep uploading.
If you’re active, soon you will start getting shows. Try to get covered in some blogs,upload 4-5 video’s every month, if any video gets Viral, assuredly you will get some publicity and more shows. Keep 15-20 minutes content ready.

To be a Comedian you should have two basic skills – sense of humor and no stage fear.

The rest – content, pauses, improvising, judging the audience – will fall in place as you practice.

The Challenge will be to keep up the quality, and keep building good content, so people are not bored. Comedy is art, what normally people see, few observe. People want freshness, Content that cut’s the clutter.

So guys good luck, for your comedy career, and if you have more questions, which you would want us to write on, do put it in the comment box. If you wish to learn comedy or You are looking for Comedy shows , You can check

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